Alpha Eta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi



Frequently Asked Questions

“Isn’t this a fraternity? How are there girls in the organization?”

Kappa Kappa Psi is a co-ed fraternity. While there are certain chapters that are only male, our chapter here at the University of Florida allows both genders.

“Do I have to be a music major to join?”

Not at all! We are a band fraternity, and our only requirement is that you a member of a University of Florida band ensemble. Our Brothers have majored in sport management, engineering, business administration, elementary education, English, biology, cognitive neuroscience and many other majors across all colleges of the university.

“How much of a time commitment is expected of members?”

As students at the University of Florida, we know that time commitments are a big deal. We like to say that this process is equivalent to a 3 credit course. In addition to weekly meetings with the Vice President of Membership, prospective members will have tasks that span over an approximate nine week period. You will be getting to know the Active Brothers in our chapter through conducting interviews, helping out with service projects and learning about the fraternity more in-depth each day.


“What about financial commitment?”

In regards to financial commitments, prospective members are required to pay a one-time national initiate fee of around $100. This amount is subject to change. Active members pay national dues and chapter dues each semester, the amount of which are determined at the beginning of each semester. These payments are always relatively low and are nothing compared to other typical traditional fraternities. In our chapter’s history, they have never exceeded $150. Our chapter’s treasurer can give you a more accurate estimate.


“What sort of service projects does the organization do?”

Some of the big name projects our chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi has completed in the past are March for Music, Relay for Life and March for Babies. Additionally, we take up many other projects revolving around our bands and music programs at the University of Florida. These projects range anywhere from providing water and Gatorade to the Gator Marching Band for practices and football games, to helping transport a Grand Piano that we donated across town to a school in need of one. We are always open to new ideas for projects!


“Does Kappa Kappa Psi have parties?”

Unlike most traditional fraternities, Kappa Kappa Psi does not have a house to host events, and all of our official events are dry. We have many social events throughout the year, but alcohol is not permitted at any event sponsored or hosted by the Alpha Eta chapter.

To protect the integrity of our fraternity, we do not permit brothers who are of the proper drinking age to consume alcohol while wearing regalia or property of Kappa Kappa Psi.


“This sounds like a lot of work. What’s in it for me?”

Yes, it is a fair amount of work; however, you will get out of this process what you decide to put into it. You will be busy and learning, but in the end, it is all very worth it.  You will make lifelong bonds with people that share the same interests as you. We are all more than just friends at Alpha Eta: We are brothers. If you are given a chance to experience this journey, you’ll understand how important being a brother is to all of us, and how important it could become to you.